So it's pretty safe to say that Snowbombing Canada is going to be something special. Europe's greatest festival on snow is making it's first continental foray, and has chosen the majestic mountains of Sun Peaks, British Columbia, as it's new base to create four days and four nights of unparalleled partying. Kaskade, Ludacris, Bob Moses, Hudson Mohawke, Duke Dumont, Netsky, Pete Tong and a host more incredible DJs, live acts, entertainers and pro boarders  are joining us amongst the peaks in just under three months... And after reading our top 10 reasons to make it SBC17, we'll be seeing you there too! 

1. The Lineup

Kaskade, Ludacris, Bob Moses, Netsky, Pete Tong, Snakehips, Peking Duck... Need we go on? SBC17's lineup boasts an array of incredible talent across Electronic Dance Music, be it House, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Dubstep and everything in between... SBC's unmissable act mention has to go to Getter. If you haven't caught his sonic onslaught of tear out bass music yet then you haven't lived...

2. The Venues

Underground car parks turned super clubs? A Ski Chalet turned rave den? Hang on, are we on the moon? From mountain stages dotted across the piste to an enchanted forest, or a secret backcountry barn dance to one of Canada’s biggest street party's, Snowbombing Canada offers an unparalleled experience in undeniably epic venues, with the richest sounds you'll ever hear… If you're tired of generic festival experiences in the same old fields, then SBC17 is the ultimate antidote. Get ready for an unchartered injection of pinch yourself moments across your time with us in Sun Peaks! From The Underground to Cariboo Club, we've got an arsenal of awesome venues for you to sink your teeth into. 

3. Dancing 7070ft above ordinary

Oh yes, did we mention that this festival was on the side of a mountain? Seriously though, where else can you party to a selection of the world's greatest DJs 7,070ft in the air? You'll struggle to find a more awe inspiring festival location then Sun Peaks...

4. Shredding all day - Dancing all night

The fact that you can flip between piste and party, slope and session and from raving to relaxing makes Snowbombing Canada a truly unique and special event. Whether you're one of the hardcore set who flit effortlessly from the end of the party to the top of the mountain, or whether you want to dip in and out and take each day as it comes, each and every route is available. Take a breather in a sauna, chill out at a mountain bar and watch the world go by... Take it as it comes! 

5. Taking part in Pro Comp Prizes!

We're delighted to be boasting at hosting a flurry of fantastic looking prize competitions, boarder Famous in the speed skiing world, it’s no wonder “wall” is in the name—offering up a 55 degree pitch when groomed for the FIS World Cup Speed Skiing event. When it’s not groomed, prepare yourself for some knee-knocking bumps and rest mid-run for a breathtaking view...

6. Over 4000+ acres of superb, skiable terrain!

With 4,270 acres of uncrowded terrain covering three mountains, Sun Peaks benefits from untouched slopes, no wait time on lifts and that magical feeling of "owning the mountain”. Helmets on. Goggles down. Get technical while exploring some of the 16 large gladed areas spanning the three mountains. You'll encounter tight turns, bumps, and natural obstacles and may even need to break trail on a powder day. If you've got the skills, then make this a must during your time with us at Sun Peaks! 

7. Partying at British Columbia's biggest Street Party

BC’s largest outdoor costume street party in the heart of Sun Peaks… It's one of the most anticipated and celebrated moments of the week (or the year), bringing together Snowbombers and SP residents in a wild, anarchic procession with a soundtrack to match. Get ready for a handful of huge acts, secret sets and LOTs of suprises and stayed tuned, more exciting Street Party announcements will be coming shortly... 

8. Reclining in a Jacuzzi at the SBC Pool Party!

It’s time to hunt down those speedos, double your press-up ratio and get ready to get seriously steamy après le slopes, as our pool party . Expect a tidal wave of hot acts, a seriously silly and fun atmosphere and of course, a LOAD of water pistols and beach balls. No ducking or diving, but (snow) bombing is allowed! 

9. Living like a king in one of Sun Peaks' amazing 4* hotels

Is there anything softer than Canadian carpet? Decadent dwelling or a practical crash pad? Out of town, downtown or smack bang in the centre of town? Rooftop jacuzzi? Comfy Condo or Hip Hotel? It's your call to make. Remember, Sun Peaks accommodation is ski-in, ski-out so you can go from pillow to piste in no time... 

If you want to be right in the centre of the action, at the eye of the storm or even overlooking the Street Party from your bedroom window, then our hot proprieties are right for you. From the jacuzzis to The Sun Peaks Grands’ award winning spa (no Speedos allowed!) this is a land for kings and queens alike... 

SBC's hot tip: Bag one of the last remaining rooms at the stunning Sun Peaks Grand Hotel whilst you can!

10. Spending four days and four nights of bliss with a legion of like minded spirits... On a mountain!

Boy is this going to be special... Set amongst the majestic mountains of Sun Peaks, Canada, expect four days and four nights of unparalleled partying across one superb ski resort in the heart of British Columbia. Fill up on pinch-yourself moments. Undeniably epic venues with the richest sounds you'll ever hear up a mountain… Gather your squad for the best holiday you’ll ever experience. You only live once (a year...)