1. The mountains are always overcrowded..

2. Seriously overcrowded.

3. And the snow isn't very good either.

4. Not to mention that the Resort itself is pretty underwhelming.

5. There's no good bars.

6. And all of Snowbombing Canada's venues are pretty average.

7. You'll definitely not find Canada's only parkade turned super club in Sun Peaks.

8. And did we mention that the lineup features absolutely no world class artists?

9. I mean, who is Ludacris anyways..

10. There's really nothing to do during the day.

11. Absolutely nothing.

12. And at night it's pretty quiet too.

13. There's just a certain amount of FUN missing.

14. And we just can't seem to find it anywhere.

15. Sun Peaks at dusk isn't all that. 

16. And the scenery isn't at all breathtaking. 

17. So honestly, do yourself a favour and don't go to Coors Light Snowbombing Canada 2018..