Fancy stretching yourself out, getting loose and limber while becoming one with nature on the mountain each morning? Then look no further than Snowga; a blend of snow, music and yoga each day at 10am until 12pm. You can break out your mountain pose and downward dog while crow posing like a pro, all with amazing views and the best instructor in BC. 

Natalie Saari began practicing yoga in 2001 and has gone on to develop workshops and retreats around the world, and now she's bringing her Yoga or Snow-ga as we like to call it, to Sun Peaks!

Combining yoga and sound is a deeply profound recipe to achieve union and harmony on a cellular level through the principles of vibration and resonance. All life communicates through wave patterns, from the electrical impulses of the brain to various parts of our body, to thoughts and emotions, to the precious rhythms of our heartbeat. 

Natalie has been providing yoga and therapeutic services in the Kamloops community for over a decade.  She uses a kinesiological approach, combining yoga and therapeutic principles. She has created the the Karma Project, yoga + music collaborations, programs for youth, and holds extraordinary retreats worldwide.  Natalie is deeply connected to the elements of nature and has a passionate involvement in community.  

Join Natalie and incredible musical guests for sensational sound sessions, yoga and meditation, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Connect with the incredible surroundings and come together as a festival community! 

Namaste. 🙆🏻