Let the record play, and get your head knocking...

There aren't very many people left in this world who haven't heard of Getter. A 23 year old who also goes by the name of Tanner Petulla from San Jose California signed to Skrillex's OWSLA records who has gone on to become a bass loving musical powerhouse. He's known for mixing trippy art with his even trippier music and doing some of the heaviest beats in electronic music today. His video for Head Splitter gained him a whole lot of attention and from here, his star is set only to rise. 

We caught a few words with the Snapchat and YouTube star before he makes his way to BC for Snowbombing Canada.

Snowbombing is heading to Canada for the very first time this April... what have you got up your sleeve for the masses of Canadian fans coming to your show?

Hell yeah! I'm stoked! I'm bringing my friends with me as well as all kinds of new music. I'm in the middle of finishing over 20 tracks and I'm going to play most of them there.

Canadian's are famous for being very high energy. Would you say that's your favourite kind of crowd to play to?

Oh definitely. I love high energy crowds. It gets me super pumped. I've done really dumb s**t when I'm pumped up like crowd surf and rap.

The music you make goes across lots of genres from heavy bass to quite melodic sounds. Does that reflect your own personal tastes?

Yeah, I love all kinds of music and one day I thought of just making everything instead of just one thing. Most of what I make comes from influences I get from different moods or different situations I'm in. 

You're known for your crazy Vines, social media and You Tube tour videos. Are you surprised at how interested people are in your day to day life?

Haha, yeah its a little freaky, but I love it. Anything I do people always want to know about. I'm all about privacy but it's cool when people freak out over a new shirt I got or some s**t.

You have a new music project called Shred that launched on Mar 6th, can you give us a little bit of info on that?

Shred collective is everything. We sell cool clothes, put out cool music, throw events, make skits, and way more. It's just me and all my best friends doing what we love together. We figured since people love to follow us and love what we create, why not build something so everyone can access everything?

Finally... tell us, are you a skier or a boarder?

I used to snowboard, and I got super good but I ate s**t. So, I still snowboard, I'm just not as good. I'm kind of a pussy!

See Getter play on Saturday 8th April at Snowbombing