Peking Duk, the band with the name that sounds like a tasty Chinese dish but actually is inspired by something very, very different... (Google it).

Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles started making music as a duo in 2010 in their home city of Canberra, Australia and very quickly went on to gain fame in 2012 with their remix of Passion Pit's "Take A Walk". Now a huge name on the house music circuit with hits such as "Take Me Over" and "High" under their belts as well as a name for epic levels of partying, they're readying themselves for a double whammy of sets at CLSBC17 on Sunday 9th April. So we caught up with Adam and Reuben to see how they're feeling ahead of hitting Canadian soil once again to party with us Peking Duk...

"Getting High" with Australia's Finest

Snowbombing is heading to Canada for the very first time in April... Are you excited to play at a festival on a snowy Canadian mountain top? A bit different to festivals your homeland of Australia we'd imagine...

Adam: We can't wait! Canada actually feels like a second home for us so we're super excited to come get sweaty on the mountain top.

You travel around the festival circuit a lot. What has been your favourite/craziest festival moment so far in all of your Peking days?

Adam: We played a huge festival in this massive park in the middle of Bogota, Colombia. That shit was wild..... about 6000 kids headbanging in a mosh pit. They'd never heard of us but were so open to us doing our thing that by the end of the show they were screaming. That was an amazing moment.

What has it been like coming out of Canberra and collaborating with huge internationally renowned acts like Elliphant and Laidback Luke?

Adam: It's a blessing to be able to work with such talented people. We have a lot more in the pipeline too that we can't wait to share!!

Canadian audiences are famous for being incredibly high energy and you guys are known for bringing the ratchet party. Is this going to be a deadly combination?

Reuben: We can only imagine the clowning about to go down in Sun Peaks. Nothing we encourage is deadly, just a bit of fun!

You both played in bands before you started making electronic music. Is that a scene that you're still really into?

Reuben: Absolutely, most shows we go to watch, draw crowds of 50 people or so... It's the new music, and the live music which is most exciting to see in it's raw and early stages!

Final question, we're asking all of our acts some essential knowledge for Sun Peaks Canada... are you skiers or boarders?

Reuben: I'm more of a boarder but pretty keen to pizza - french fries it again soon! Maybe this time round will be the one.

Catch @PekingDuk taking over our @snowbombingcanada Instagram feed with their antics. Sunday Apr 9th.

@PekingDuk x @SnowbombingCanada