Underground car parks turned super clubs? A Ski Chalet turned rave den? Hang on, are we on the moon? From mountain stages dotted across the piste to an enchanted forest, or a secret backcountry barn dance to one of Canada’s biggest street parties, Snowbombing offers an unparalleled experience in undeniably epic venues, with the richest sounds you'll ever hear…


With a custom built sound system and more lasers than a NASA space station, The Crystal Cave is the focal point of Coors Light Snowbombing Canada, its beating heart, its soul! With a selection of the world’s greatest DJs set to rock this vast ballroom, we’re beyond excited to open the doors to you all. See you in the front lines!


Presented by Coors Light

Set amongst the pines in an enchanted forest clearing, our infamous Forest Stage plays host to Snowbombing's headline performances. With a legion of Snowbombers gathered under the tree lined canopy to witness unbelievable performances under the moonlight, we’re confident this’ll be THE party of the week… And that’s saying something! You need to see it to believe it...

The Street Party

One of BC’s largest outdoor costume street parties in the heart of Sun Peaks… It's one of the most anticipated and celebrated moments of the week (or the year), bringing together Snowbombers and SP residents in a wild, anarchic procession with a soundtrack to match. Stayed tuned, more exciting Street Party announcements will be coming shortly...


Named after the famous Cariboo ski run, we can’t wait to scale new party summits in the Cariboo Club, one of Coors Light Snowbombing Canada’s best and baddest late night dance spots. More intimate than the Crystal Cave but packed to the same standard with an ear-popping soundsystem, the Cariboo is where you can dance the night away until the wee early hours. The lineup each night will be huge and the vibes will be unparalleled. After dark has never looked this good…


The Underground will become the home away from home for those who like it darker, deeper, and just plain sinister. Dancing into the early hours, you’ll find this place in the least likely parts of town: A carpark. Once inside, let the intimate atmosphere and hypnotic music envelope and transport you away… It’s rough around the edges, and that’s just how we like it.

The Sundance Terrace

Presented by Coors Light

House, Disco and everything inbetween will be found at the Sundance Terrace. Named after the Sundance chairlift, and it’s just as thrilling, the Terrace will prove to be the number 1 daytime dance-spot and ultimate starting place everyday. Soak up the rays and find your vibe at the Sundance Terrace.


Presented by Coors Light

In true Snowbombing style, this is a competition like no other! An epic boarder battle of true grit and salopettes, all washed down with copious amounts of beer and dancing in the sun. And if it couldn't get any better? Expect a ridiculous sound system and a heap of some of the very best DJs from the lineup lining up to throw down sets and keep the vibes flowing. Have you got what it takes? Enter Ride & Seek presented by Coors Light for your chance of winning some incredible cash prizes. Details coming soon...

Coors Light Basecamp

We can't wait to touch base at Basecamp, one of the beating hearts of Coors Light Snowbombing Canada. A chill-out zone meets info social party hub, Basecamp boasts a DJ booth, cosy seating areas and a mighty fine bar, perfect for meeting up with your gang once off the mountain. You'll be pitching up camp here...


Where everybody knows your name! Morriseys Irish Pub looks set to become one of the alternative beating hearts of Snowbombing Canada, seeing as it comes complete with pool tables, dartboards, an open minded fancy dress policy and friendly barmaids ready to serve you a frosty one. Stop by for some seriously silly party games, ice breakers and maybe even a spot of speed dating, ski resort style. You’re gonna wanna come back to Morriseys…


Rustic and relaxed with a mouthwatering array of beers, Masas is the perfect spot to get yourself back in shape after a big one the night before. Catch up with fellow Snowbombers over a drink, watch skiers descend down the mountain and hatch your plans for the evening ahead…

3 Bears

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise… Because these particular Three Bears are super friendly and their bar rocks! Pop on your sunnies and sit amongst the large outdoor area, soaking in the rays and a few beers as boarders and skiers fly about around you. It’s the perfect spot to let afternoon drift into evening, as a selection of DJs slowly bring the tempo up and get the Après Ski party vibes going once again.


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