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Valium generic brand of pills are also made from the chemical bromide. In the U.S., drug's maker Reckitt Benckiser, along with drug giant Merck, which also makes the injectable form of drug, announced in June that it would stop producing generic forms of the drug. "This is a critical time for the industry," said Dr. David Kessler, former chief of staff to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). "A lot of Buying valium online ireland people who are using generics will need these medicines to stay alive." While the FDA says drug's brand-name version is no better at treating depression than the older version, agency does not regulate how drugs are made. "If I buy a $100 bottle of generic bromide to treat my depression, who sets the price?" said Dr. Thomas Zagano, chairman of the department psychiatry at University of Rochester Medical Center. Zagano says he has noticed the price of original drug rise over time, but the generic version of drug doesn't cost significantly more. It costs about $20. "We have a lot of drug companies making drugs that are less expensive," he says. "If you look at the generics, have a lot of drugs that are not as safe the brand-name." The generic versions of drug are also made from bromide, Zagano says. While the FDA says Bayer's bromide drug is no better than the older medication at treating depression, the agency does not regulate how drugs are made. (Photo: Getty Images) While the generic version costs a little more, most people do not have as many complaints about side effects or the fact that drug causes more inflammation in their bodies. And there are some people, Zagano says, who can get all their symptoms under control with the drug without experiencing any of the side effects. But, the generic version can't treat all the side effects and it can't be used for all the people living with severe cases of depression, says Dr. Andrew K. Myers, a psychiatrist who specializes in depression. "I think people should be concerned to get a drug that doesn't even work," Myers says. "That does not justify the price that they're putting on it." Myers has spent more than two decades treating patients for depression, including people with severe and persistent depression. He says people should pay more for the pills. "My question is: Do you really need these medications if they're going to cause more inflammation?" he says. The generic drugs are not approved by the FDA to treat severe cases of depression. However, in June, a federal judge Washington allowed the FDA to approve generic versions of the drug for those with mild to moderate depression. Myers says it's too soon to say whether people will start treating severe depression with generic versions of the drug. "We need to make sure that the patients aren't taking a drug that they don't need or shouldn't be taking for their depression," he says. "You're not going to cure (depression), but you can lessen the pain of depression." Buy Photo Dr. Andrew K. Myers, the director of Mood Disorders Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Myers believes people should pay more for the pills they use to treat depression. (Photo: SHAWN DOWD/@sdowdphoto/, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER) The drug maker Bayer said in June it would stop making the cheaper generic form of drug. Since the original drug was made from bromide, Myers says the generic bromide is even more expensive. "It's not surprising in my mind because bromide is a neurotoxin," he says. "It does have neurotoxic effects." Bayer, however, says it will continue supplying the generic bromide to treat depression. The new version is just as effective the original drug in treating depression, Bayer said a statement. Dr. Thomas Zagano, chairman of the department psychiatry at University of Rochester Medical Center, says if people can find the drug for cheaper — without side effects they will likely start prescribing it. "People who are taking a lot of other medications might not be," he says. "If they are going to take the medication, they'll make sure to they get it at the right dose." But Zagano points out that people need to weigh all their treatment options. "When you think of depression, we hear about anti-depressants and antidepressants all that kind, there are some medications, but most people don't use them," he says. Read or Share this story: http://on.rocne.
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